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Our facilities

We have several plants in Borås where we produce district heating, district cooling and electricity. Tree chips, waste and hydroelectric power stations provide hot water and a comfortable indoor climate.
Sobacken is the first stop for the black and white waste bags. Here they get separated and the black bags are processed into biogas. Several of the city's busses run on biogas and this is where they come to fill up.

The Ryaverket plant has been in Borås since mid 1960s; it is where we produce district heating and cooling. The white waste bags end up here for incineration. Burning household waste is cheap and good for the environment.  

At Gässlösa wastewater treatment plant we take care of wastewater from private individuals and industry. The treatment process is developed continually in order to meet the requirements demanded of water quality. Knowing that today's treated wastewater will be tomorrow's drinking water for our children is what drives our progress.

At Sjöbo water purification plant we make sure Borås inhabitants get clean, fresh, pleasant-tasting, healthy drinking water.

Our four hydroelectric power stations provide us with electricity. Back in the old days the stations were run by people who lived there, but these days everything is run automatically from the control room at the Ryaverket plant.

Visit: Västerlånggatan 10 (office) Sobacken RV 41 (waste treatment plant, office) | Address: Box 1713, 501 17 Borås | Invoice address: Box 902, 501 10 Borås
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