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Recycling stations in Borås

You may deposit paper, plastic, glass and metal packaging, newspapers and batteries at the recycling stations. Borås Energi och Miljö manages around 80 recycling stations in Borås today.

To find your nearest recycling station please study the map showing all recycling stations.

Sweden applies so-called producer responsibility legislation for packaging and newspapers. This means that anyone who produces, imports or sells packaging or packaged goods is responsible for the collection and recycling of the packaging. Producer responsibility is intended to contribute to a long-term, sustainable society where that which was previously regarded as waste is put to use as a resource.

Visa Återvinningsstationer på en större karta
Visit: Västerlånggatan 10 (office) Sobacken RV 41 (waste treatment plant, office) | Address: Box 1713, 501 17 Borås | Invoice address: Box 902, 501 10 Borås
Customer service: + 46 (0)20 97 13 00 | Operator: + 46 (0)33 35 81 00 | Fax: + 46 (0)33 35 71 61 | E-mail: